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As a salon owner, hairdresser, barber or hair stylist you need to know how to customize your own aprons. Why? Because that is the first thing clients would notice as soon as they enter your salon. With ever increasing awareness about cleanliness and hygiene, clients are becoming more particular about the surrounding environment in which they choose to get their hair cut or styled. Maintaining clean interiors along with professional staff can go a long way in delivering that perfect customer experience. That way, not only do you help the client enjoy the entire experience of having their hair cut or styled at your salon but you also create a lasting impression that will certainly result in more business for your salon. In addition to securing a repeat customer you could now have many more through recommendations from that particular happy customer. That is the true power of word-of-mouth advertising!

Don’t worry if you’re a newbie at this and have never designed your own aprons or customized them. There are several online stores that allow you to custom make your own salon apparel. In some cases, you even have the option of playing around with your designs and previewing them before sending them off to be manufactured and shipped.Such online sites make it extremely easy for you to move beyond conventional designs and fabrics and explore many new options available to you at very affordable prices. Selling online helps reduce distribution costs and helps manufacturers pass on greater discounts directly to customers. Moreover, customers are even offered bulk discounts and free shipping on certain types of orders. So go ahead and explore the numerous possibilities available to you now at a fraction of the cost. You’d be surprised at the offers you could grab a hold of.

A major advantage of having your own stylish salon aprons is that your employees will love working with them. Wearing a generic apron doesn’t really create a sense of identity and tends to be really mundane. If employees have something that sets them apart from other hairdressers and hair stylists, they would certainly feel a sense of belonging and that can go a long way in establishing loyalty. And not just in terms of employee loyalty but brand loyalty too. Customers tend to notice how happy employees are and associate that happiness with your brand. In addition to marketing your brand, designer aprons brighten up the entire ambiance of your salon and add a little color to a job that can get quite mundane over time. You need to be able to offer your employees and your customers an enjoyable experience that is memorable; one that they will want to share with others.

If you are looking to get started on learning how to design your own aprons and customize them but you have no idea where to begin, get in touch with us at Capes By Sheena. We would love to hear from you. We absolutely enjoy helping salon owners, hairdressers, barbers and hair stylists venture out and explore the different possibilities that are now easily available via online platforms. And it’s not just about aprons. We have a whole range of other apparel in addition to stylish salon aprons that we would love to share with you. Visit us online and browse through our exclusive selection to grab a hold of our great offers today!



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